STEMsational Ag: The Virtual Farm!

Middle Tennessee State University’s Center for Health and Human Services, in partnership with the School of Agriculture’s Fermentation Department, presents “STEMsational Ag: The Virtual Farm”.

Where does our food and clothing come from? There’s a lot more to Agriculture, the system that provides us with crops we eat and fibers we use to make clothing, than most people are aware of. Students will learn about this amazing modern industry with roots that stretch back to the beginning of civilization through the Modules and Units that cover a wide range of topics. Everyone is sure to learn something new!

All Modules and Units are absolutely FREE! They were created by experts and open the door for you to learn about food preservation, backyard produce cultivation, farm animals, and the importance of bees, just to name a few topics. Your very own home kitchen and yard will be your personal learning laboratories.

Just click here to register and get started!   More information, go to MTSU Program

This work is supported by the Agriculture and Food Research Initiative, Education and Workforce Development Program. [grant no. 2021-67037-33380/project accession no. 1024880], from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Institute of Food and Agriculture. 

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